Reznik Paz Nevo Trusts Ltd. began its business activity in 2005.

Reznik Paz Nevo Trusts Ltd. has knowledge, professionalism and vast experience in provision of various trust services customized to needs of its customers representing various sectors.

  • The company acts as a trustee for about 250 series of bonds issued to the public and to Israeli institutional investors by both Israeli and foreign companies, as well as for private loans from public companies and institutional and governmental organizations totaling dozens of billions of NIS.

  • The company has vast experience in operation of loans and financial deals provided by private and institutional organizations.

  • The company has vast experience and is highly skilled in the creation and registration of pledges of any type. In the framework of various trusts, hundreds of pledges (in Israel and abroad) and mortgage loans are registered on behalf of the company for the purpose of ensuring right of the bonds holders.

  • The company is an organization controlled by the Israel Securities Authority. It complies with all the standards requested by the laws and the regulator, including the staff working in the company. In the framework of its activity, the company is accustomed and experienced in working with various governmental bodies and in complying with the regulatory requirements.

  • In the recent years, the company took an active part in execution of dozens of debt settlements in the capital market.


Amongst the company’s advantages:

  • Availability and flexibility in provision of services to the customers at any time;

  • Usage of unique information systems and software;

  • Professional team including auditors, attorneys and economists, who are experienced professionals in providing solutions to our unique activity;

  • Professional liability insurance in appropriate extent.

Reznik Paz Nevo Trusts Ltd. is managed by its joint CEOs - advocate Michal Avtalion-Rishony and CPA Yossi Reznik. The company’s managers have vast experience in provision of trust services and creation of solutions customized to the unique needs of the customers.

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