The joint experience of them both and combination of their fields of specialization provide broad-scale professional response to needs of the company’s customers and its success.


Michal Avtalion-Rishony, Adv.

Michal has LLB degree in law received in the Tel-Aviv University.

Adv. Avtalion-Rishoni has more than 20 years of experience in trusts and banking operation. She was one of the founders of Clal Finance Trusts 2007 Ltd., where she was an active chairperson.

For many years, Adv. Avtalion-Rishoni has been accompanying debt raising and the Israeli capital market. She has vast knowledge and experience in provision of trust services for both public and private issuance of bonds, including bonds backed by cash flows (backed by collateral in Israel and abroad), municipal bonds and leasing deals, as well as in provision of private trust services accustomed to the customer’s requirements.

Adv. Avtalion-Rishoni took an active part in execution of dozens of debt settlements in the capital market.

E-mail: michal@rpn.co.il

Yossi Reznik, CPA

Yossi has B.A. degree in economics and accounting received in the Tel-Aviv University and a CPA certificate. He is also a partner in Reznik Paz Nevo & Co. CPA office.

Mr Reznik has above 20 years of experience in accounting, supervising and accompanying of business companies from various fields. He has numerous instruments and much knowledge to understand the needs and the financial state of companies. Being the founder of Reznik Paz Nevo Trusts, Mr Reznik has more than 10 years of experience in the field of trusts. In the framework of work, he gained vast experience in accompanying of companies from various fields of industry, commerce and services, as well as in provision of trust services in raising public and private debts. Mr Reznik took an active part in execution of dozens of debt settlements in the capital market.

E-mail: Yossi@rpn.co.il


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